Martin Delapalme

Captain of the ship

When one is born in Paris but spends all of the holidays in the Gulf of Morbihan, it is difficult to resist the calling of the open sea. Coming from a family of mariners, Martin became passionate with sailing at a very young age. He is an eager sailor having navigated for years by the coasts of Brittany and on the Mediterranean Sea. He is the most experienced sailor on the crew and will be the captain of the ship. Like Magellan, Martin has a great ambition: to conquer all oceans. With his Creative Industries’ Marketing and Management Master in his pocket, he is ready for his next accomplishment: to travel the world.


Bérenger Laurent

Technical manager

Bérenger is athletic, open minded, and always looking for a new challenge. At the age of eight, he was introduced to optimist sailing and then spent most of his summer holidays in the water. Today, he continues to find a thrill with Martin in fighting against the strong currents of the Gulf of Morbihan. Two years ago, he came up with the idea of sailing around the world while on a boat trip with his family. He now shares the same dream with his three other friends and one thing is always on his mind: set the sails. After having studied Civil Engineering with a specialization in Environmental Studies, he will apply his technical knowledge to assure the safety of the crew and maintain the electrical elements of the boat.


Pierre Laparre

« Green » mariner

Ever since he was a child, Pierre has been fascinated by long haul sailing races. He first discovered the sport through his grandfather who would take him on sailing trips. He took many boating classes and his love for the sea perpetually grew. He has many types of interests: musical bands, team sports, animations, travels. Pierre always has something to do. He recently received his Business School diploma, with a specialization in Environmental Studies. He will, therefore, be in charge of always assuring that the project remains “green.” His many nautical experiences and his versatility will make him an important team member.


François Allemand



François, the world-wide traveler, will soon be graduating from the Grenoble school of Management. He is very drawn to Asian cultures and he concluded his higher education with a year of MBA-program in Japan. The subject of his thesis is on the Japanese energy policy, as he, too, is fascinated by today’s issues related to energy. Five years ago, François discovered his passion for sailing and the sensations it brings to him. After having travelled through the lands of multiple countries, he now has the profound desire to navigate on the world’s oceans. Calm and reflective, his administrative qualities make him the treasurer and steward of this unique project.