Eco Sailing Project and Environment

All four sensitive to the current environmental problems (global warming, endangered biodiversity, pollution of land and ocean …) we decided to combine our passions for the sea, the adventure and the ecology.

The goal of our project is to prove that a technically complex project around the world is achievable with eco-responsible practices.  We want to demonstrate that these principles can be applied everywhere as we believe that better practices of consumption and production will take a major step to safeguard our environment. After the study of our ecological impact, we decided to follow this strategy:

  • First, our boat will only use natural and clean energy to move. When navigating, our primary source of propulsion will be the wind. The energy needed for electronic equipment – such as autopilot, navigation and communication tools – will be provided by a kit of batteries powered by solar panels, wind and hydro-energy. We will only use renewable energy.
  • In addition, an electric motor will allow us to manoeuvre in the ports as well as coping with periods without wind. It could also be useful in case of damage. This electric motor will replace a traditional engine.
  • Then, we will mostly consume local products bought during our stops, and will recycle all packages and trash. Besides, we will only use green products, for instance personal hygiene products meeting the highest standards.
    The main idea is primarily to consume less and to not use unnecessary products that are embedded in our daily lives.

Sharing this project is very important to us. This is why we are committed to sharing our experience and demonstrate to the greatest number the viability of all the practices we will put in place in this world tour.